dairy - CopyDairy is a great way to add extra fats into any meal! Try creating sauces or fatty side dishes like creamed spinach *YUM*

*NOTE Be careful however when pairing dairy with protein-heavy dishes.

If you are dairy in-tolerate, I feel bad for you. Okay JK! No really I do, who doesn’t need cheese every day of their life? Okay, sorry back to it… there are alternatives to “dairy,” stick with very hard and long-aged dairy products as they contain much less lactose.

Some brands that have dairy free products are Earth Balance, SO Delicious and Almond Breeze.

Again, be cautious in consumption amounts as the carb count on these can add up.

almond breezeearth balance butter  so delicious yogurt




As much as we love cheese, try to keep your dairy consumption to a moderate level. Most of your meals should be coming from protein, vegetables, and added fats/cooking oils.

Some examples of dairy you can eat on keto are:

  • Greek yogurt READ LABELS some are better than others
  • Heavy whipping cream- this is the staple to a lot of my meals
  • Spreadables such as  cream cheese, sour cream, mascarpone, crème fraiche, etc.
  • Soft Cheese including mozzarella, brie, blue, Colby, Monterey Jack, etc.
  • Hard Cheese including aged cheddar, Parmesan, feta, Swiss, etc.
  • Mayonnaise and mayo alternatives that include dairy

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