Put the Eggnog Down!


One of the biggest mistakes people make after the holiday season is thinking that you’ve messed up too much to come back to their Keto lifestyle. If you’re one of those people who can resist Grandma’s Cornbread Dressing, or Mom’s famous spicy Mac and Cheese or even Auntie’s Honey Roasted Carrots drenched in Honey and Maple Syrup, more power to you! But if you’re a human like me and just HAVE to dig into every single item on the serving table with forced space for Cheesecake, this article is for you!

No matter how many carbs and grams of sugar you intake and the lack of participation in anything remotely close to exercise, it’s pretty easy to get yourself back to where you need to be and this is how. The key to Keto of course is your diet; it’s time to return to Ketosis by eating the right things and flushing the wrong things from your body.  I normally start by cleaning my body out forcefully. There are a couple of ways to cleanse your body from the mess you’ve made. One of my favorite options is an old fashion glass bottle of Magnesium Citrate which is a laxative that works in the small intestine to gently push stools out, gross right? If you’re not that bold, try something like the China Slim Tea which supports in the move of bowels or the Smooth Move Tea. Another option if you’re that damn bold is to grab a Ducolax and shove that up your… well, you get the point. Whichever way you choose to clean your system out, it’s totally up to you.

After you’ve cleaned the savory non-keto goodness out, next you want to slowly get yourself moving again. If you’re like me, I don’t remember what the inside of a Gym looks like anymore! No worries, start small! Go for a walk. One thing I’ve noticed recently is that the desire to just get up and walk around your neighborhood is a thing of the past. You don’t necessarily have to run or spend an hour in the gym, just do something that will get your heart rate elevated and your step goal crushed. Don’t feel bad here, I personal haven’t hit mine in over 2 weeks so just 30 minutes of exercise for me is going to be a bit of a hassle.


You probably won’t like me too much after this one, but I’ve got to say it… PUT THE EGGNOG DOWN! Step away from the Mimosa’s and a GLASS of red wine a day, not a bottle is what helps your heart stay healthy! I’m net telling you to leave alcohol alone all together, however, that would be ideal, but just drink the things that aren’t full of carbs. I found a pretty sweet recipe for a Keto Eggnog HERE  but it is almost 300 calories and one glass is 2 grams of carbs so moderation is key. Personally, I’ve developed a love for a Vodka soda with extra lime, find your new fav and review HERE what I suggest.

The last and MOST import thing that you want to clean up is your diet! I can’t stress it enough how important meal prepping is! When you meal prep, you are literally preparing yourself for success. I work an 8-5, so if I don’t meal prep on Sunday for my week, I’m literally running to the closes fast food restaurant to grab something during my lunch break. It’s crazy to me how I can make a simple salad at home that can end up being at the most 2-3 net carbs, but I can get the same salad from a fast food joint and I end up eating my total carb intake in one meal. Not to mention the temptation of a milkshake that I always lose to! If you prepare yourself for success, you won’t have to worry about overeating or exceeding your daily Macros.

Now that I’ve prepared you with what to do, it’s your turn to figure out how to do it. Let’s go through the list again:

  1. Detoxify your body
  2. Start moving again
  3. Correct your Alcohol intake
  4. Clean up your Diet

Once you’ve prepared yourself for greatness, you’ll end up back in Ketosis in NO TIME! If you’re interested in how I got back into Ketosis after the Holiday Slumps, stay tuned!


Butter Coffee vs. Bulletproof Coffee

You hear people talking about Bulletproof coffee or Butter coffee all the time on the Keto Diet.

So what exactly is it and why is it so d**n important?

Initially I was adamant about NOT putting something I saute my onions with in my coffee, but once I jumped on the bandwagon with the rest of the Keto world, I realized that Starbucks would no longer be placing me in beverage debt!

Why would I want butter in my Coffee?

Here are a few benefits to the strange Keto Cult Drink:

  • It’s a bit of an appetite suppressant- hunger hormones are effected making your body think that you are fuller than you are. (If you want to know more about this hormone CLICK HERE)
  • There’s Energy in Coffee- Everyone knows that Coffee can be used to boost energy; Some people actually drink Coffee before a workout specifically for that quick boost. Adding a bit of ‘fat’ to your coffee can assist with slowing down that crash that we all dread.
  • Brain Power- Prior to adding butter to my coffee, I was a “Senior Moment” abuser! I couldn’t tell you what I wore to work on Monday on a Wednesday, but since I can confirm that mental clarity is my friend. My concentration and memory has advanced substantially.

So what’s the difference between Butter Coffee & Bulletproof Coffee?


Butter Coffee is as it sounds… Butter in your coffee…

Don’t be like me! Don’t make a mistake and drop a tablespoon of butter in your coffee thinking that you’re going to enjoy it like the rest of the butter in my coffee loving freaks! By all means, if you like to drink butter straight before getting to your actual coffee, or if like butter lip gloss, go for it! For me, this was super gross!


Bulletproof Coffee is more of a “Latte…” and who doesn’t like Lattes?

Actually combining the butter and coffee in a blinder or my handy dandy Nutribullet is what will allow the fats to emulsify into the Coffee. It creates a natural foam on top that reminds you of a form of whipped topping. It only takes a couple of seconds to blend the two ingredients together so it won’t take too much time away from your normal morning routine.

What Ingredients should I Use?

FAT: Everyone is different when it comes to taste but there are a few things that you want to always stick to when making your Bulletproof Coffee:

  1. When using butter, remember to only use Grass-fed butter. This will prevent you from adding unnecessary bad fats into your diet. I dare you next time you are in the Grocery Store, grab a grass-fed butter and one that is not and compare the ingredients. You’ll be surprised!!
  2. If you have a dairy or lactose intolerance, try grass-fed Ghee, it’s a little more pricey, but helps with the side effects. When Ghee s created, it goes through a clarification process that almost entirely removed the solid from it allowing the body to handle it better.
  3. MCT Oil or medium-chain triglyceride is another good ingredient to use. It’s got a sweetness to it that I really like. I tend to use this more often than butter because it helps promote digestion and it’s scientifically proven to help promote weight loss.

COFFEE: When choosing the right coffee to use, it’s totally up to you! Just be sure that you’re not picking up the sugar filled flavored coffee. I personally suggest grinding your own coffee so that you can ensure that there aren’t any weird additives, but when you’re a lazy a** like me I stick to Gloria Jeans Hazelnut coffee.

Additional Ingredients: So pumpkin spice season is right around the corner and it’s going to take everything in me not to hop in the car and order a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks! To kick that desire for Starbucks, become your own Barista at home, adding extracts to your coffee or sugar free flavors can add a little more fun and flavor to your coffee.

The Journey Begins Here…

There Comes a time when you get tired of looking in the mirror and not loving what you see back!
There comes a time where you cry about how unhappy you are over an entire pint of Ice Cream.
There comes a time when enough is enough!
This was my time….
Hey, I’m Kim
*insert obnoxious wave here*
I’m not perfect and I don’t plan to pretend that I am for the internet! I’m not a dietitian, I’m not a doctor, I can’t promise you results and I’m not a personal trainer; I’m just a girl that found a way to live a better life and I want to share that success with those who struggle the same way I did. I wasn’t always overweight, I was a child model many (cough) decades (cough) ago (cough).
I’m not the perfect blog mommy with the perfect working husband that provides for the perfect family. I haven’t written a book about how to forgive yourself or improve your lifestyle. I’m just an average Jane with no letters behind my name, trying to live in a world full of crazies and narcissist!
My Goal isn’t to make you run around in circles screaming “I am somebody” as you hug the person to your left! My goal however is to hear you say that in some way I helped you make your life a little easier or that I helped you understand yourself a bit more or even if I helped you cook a quick Keto dinner that the kids and hubby (or wife) enjoyed.
I want you to know what to expect because I would hate for you to get here and leave halfway through the previews when the movie hasn’t even started versus leaving halfway through the movie which would totally suck on my behalf. I plan to bring you a little bit more clarity on how I lost the weight that I did in less than a year. I want to give you a bit of understanding that there isn’t a perfect Woman, Man, Wife, Husband, Mom, Dad, Foster, Daughter, Son, Professional or Stay at home parent on this earth! My goal is to share what I’ve experienced so that you can either prevent the same failure or mimic the actions that I took to succeed.
In general life is hard, but instead of picking up a bottle of Jameson Whisky or Robert Mondavi Merlot (preferably the Rum Barrel kind 😊 ), always remember that you should take the 168 hours that you have in a week and monopolize on it. Find something that you love that will occupy your normal bad habit time and build on you! With all of this being said, I hope that you get something positive for reading and enjoy. Feel free to email me or follow me on all social media platforms.