Welcome to my World…


Hey, I’m Kim
*insert obnoxious wave here*


I’m not perfect and I don’t plan to pretend that I am for the internet! I’m not a dietitian, I’m not a doctor, I can’t promise you results and I’m not a personal trainer; I’m just a girl that found a way to live a better life and I want to share that success with those who struggle the same way I did. I wasn’t always overweight, I was a child model many decades (cough) ago.

I’m not the perfect blogging mom on the go with the perfect working husband that provides for the perfect family. I haven’t written a book about how to forgive yourself or improve your lifestyle. I’m just an average Jane with no letters behind my name, trying to live in a world full of crazies and narcissist!

My Goal isn’t to make you run around in circles screaming “I am somebody” as you hug the person to your left! My goal however is to hear you say that in some way I helped you make your life a little easier or that I helped you understand yourself a bit more or even if I helped you cook a quick Keto dinner that the kids and hubby (or wife) enjoyed.

I want you to know what to expect because I would hate for you to get here and leave halfway through the previews when the movie hasn’t even started yet versus leaving halfway through the movie which would totally suck on my behalf. I plan to bring you a little bit more clarity on how I lost the weight that I did in less than a year. I want to give you a bit of understanding that there is NOT a perfect Woman, Man, Wife, Husband, Mom, Dad, Foster, Daughter, Son, Working Professional or Stay at home parent on this earth! My goal is to share what I’ve experienced so that you can either prevent the same failure or mimic the actions that I took to succeed.

In general, life is hard, but instead of picking up a bottle of Jameson Whisky or Robert Mondavi Merlot (preferably the Rum Barrel kind 😊 ), always remember that you should take the 168 hours that you have in a week and monopolize on it. Find something that you love that will occupy your normal bad habit time and build on you! With all of this being said, I hope that you get something positive for reading and enjoy. Feel free to email me or follow me on all social media platforms.